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Removal of sediments

Removal of sediments

The company offers an effective solution for removal of sediments from water reservoirs and rivers. Excavation is carried out by a working group using a technology enabling excavation under the full operation of the hydro-engineering structure - without emptying it. All functions of the reservoir are retained - storage function, improvement of discharges, use for power purposes, recreational function and fish farming. The technology comprises preparation of the area, removal of deposits from the reservoir, dewatering of deposits, transfer and disposal of deposits and final landscaping after the end of excavation. The technology has no impact on the quality of water in the reservoir and has a favourable effect on the environment. 



The main acitivties: 


·         Excavation of sediment

·         Dewatering of sediments

·         Transportation and disposal of sediments

·         Safe transfer of protected species of animals from the site of excavation



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