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Change of company seat
(20. 8. 2019)
Change of company seat
A model test of the VD Labská – increasing the water retention function
(24. 11. 2015)
Removal of sediment and construction of a wall to protect the hydroelectric power plant at Beeston
(26. 8. 2015)
VD Albrechtice - reconstruction of the log chute
(21. 4. 2015)
Inspection of the anchorage of pillow block bearings of gates of the upper lock head of Gabčíkovo PK
(30. 10. 2014)
Service diving work on the Gabčíkovo dam
(19. 9. 2014)
Complex repair of technological equipment of III. sluice way on VD Střekov
(14. 5. 2014)
PS PROFI s.r.o. performs complex repair of technological equipment on VD Střekov
Laying the foundation stone of Bawanur dam in Iraq
(10. 9. 2013)
The construction of dam and hydroelectric plant Bawanur began in September
Retraction of inverted pipeline siphon
(21. 8. 2013)
The company PS PROFI s.r.o. implemented a retraction of inverted pipeline siphon
Technical and safety survey of Derbendikhan dam in Iraq
(10. 4. 2013)
PS PROFI Ltd. realizes the next major project in Kurdistan.
Obtaining of professional qualification – working diver
(22. 1. 2013)
Employees of PS PROFI Ltd. have obtained professional qualification.
Water Reservoirs 2012
(26. 9. 2012)
The Brno hotel Voronez was the venue of the conference Water Reservoirs on 26-27
Business Day Iraq
(3. 9. 2012)
Meeting of an Iraqi delegation with representatives of Czech companies
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