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Construction works

The main acitivties: 


  • Construction work
  • Control systems of hydro-engineering structures and mini hydroelectric power plants (MHPPs)
  • Monitoring systems for technical and safety surveillance of hydro-engineering structures
  • Construction of hydro-engineering structures, reconstruction
  • Production of steel structures
  • Delivery
  • Repairs, reconstruction and delivery of weir equipment, including relating technological units:
    • Bottom outlets
    • Fittings (gate valves, segments, roller gates)
    • Piping
    • Sluice gates
    • Guides of sluice gates
    • Servo-drives, control of gate sets
  • Stop logs
  • Plugs (temporary gates)
  • Staircases, foot bridges, foot platforms, ladders, railings
  • Trash racks, floating booms
  • Pressure doors
  • Cableways for installation of stop logs
  • Floating pump stations
  • Reconstruction, repairs and deliveries of MHPPs
  • Turbines, pumps in turbine units
  • Generators
  • Pipelines
  • Draft tubes


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